How much do you know about the alternative material of watch watch case?

In recent years, we have introduced briefly the materials that are commonly seen in the market. Today we are going to talk about the new materials that are not commonly used in the watch case in recent years, such as aluminum, tungsten, palladium and nickel watches. Different materials have different characteristics. No matter they are corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, comfort, abrasion resistance, and artistic design effect, all brands strive to make the watch satisfy the needs of the table fans to the utmost extent in appearance and wearing comfort.

The traceability of the wrist watch of the pilot (four): the Longines watch and Lin Bai

  flight has been a household topic when the aviation industry developed from its original pioneering period to the golden age of the two World War. In the early 1920s, there was a close relationship between Longines watch and aviation industry. This is attributed to one person: Charles &bull and Charles Lindbergh. He and Longines will work together to develop a watch that can measure the time angle – the Hour Angle Watch time angle watch.

Henry Mu launched a new brave calendar Purity watches

Yong Chuang calendar watch is the iconic product of Henry’s mousse. It is famous for its complex movement and absolutely simple design. The watch is not equipped with multiple dials or an illegible date dial: it can display not only hours but also months. The 3 o’clock position has a large size date window and a new date design. The 9 o’clock position, equipped with a power storage indicator, makes the watch perfect and becomes the easiest to read and easy to set watch, as it can be adjusted forward or backward at any time of the day. The HMC 800 movement is built in the new Endeavour case, and the case lines are adjusted to exceed the diameter of the watch by 40.8 millimeters in diameter. The case has a diameter of 42 millimeters and is more vibrant and dynamic, but with a curved watch back, it can be elegantly attached to the wrist.

The Boucheron Epure series watches the minimalist style of Art

Boucheron founder &middot Feidelieke brand cohesion; Boucheron happy treasure Epure series, the classic appearance and artful contrast makes minimalist atmosphere artistic style, the perfect interpretation of mind and the power of his love, the egg noodles Cut Sapphire crystal condensed infinite light on the consistent from beginning to end matched hearts, not least accurate timepiece engraved lovers have every inch of the sweet and romantic. 2017 Frontier Theme